Internet hoax about 15 foot snake.


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15 foot eastern diamondback rattlesnake hoax

This is a common internet hoax going around. The pictures are real but the description is false. It says the snake is 15 foot in length but it is probaby 6 - 7 foot in length. Still a very large Eastern Diamondback but 15 foot long is impossible for the species.

The snake appears much longer than it is because the snake is held closer to the camera than the people in the background. This is a trick most fisherman know about when taking a picture of their trophy.

The unfortunate thing is that these gentlemen killed that snake. The thing holding the head up is a frog gig, which is used to kill and not capture. I determined the size of the snake knowing the size of common frog gigs.

We always release our rattlesnakes in wild areas after removing them from urban areas.

Don't believe everything you see and read on the internet!




15 foot snake hoax

Internet pic

Notice snake much closer than person in the background..


15 foot rattlesnake pic debunked

The trident thing holding the head of the rattlesnake is a frog gig. Those frog gigs are usually only 5 inches across.





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15 foot rattlesanke hoax explained