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Frequently asked questions:

  • Do you use posion? No. Poison is never a good idea for nuisance critters. They will eat the poison and die in your attic, chimney,wall, or crawlspace and will foul your house with odor. We get the critter out then seal up the place they came in. Poison outdoors is never a good idea because of neighbors pets and children.
  • Is this a free service? No. We are a private business and have to charge for our services. Our prices are fair and we will beat any competitor's written estimate by 10%.
  • Can I catch them myself? In some cases you could but you would have to kill the animal because you are not allowed to relocate them. Dropping it off at a nearby park or public land is illegal. Some critters are dangerous and carry diseases like rabies or are poisonous.
  • So what can we expect? We give you a free consultation and estimate on the phone. We come out and inspect the home to find the entry points. We then lay traps to catch the animals, sometimes we have to physically remove them. After all critters are trapped, we then seal up all possible entry points and make your property unattractive for future guests. We also will fix any damage caused by the animals.
  • Do you do pest control for bugs and rats? We do not do pest control for bugs or rodents.
  • How about alligators? No. You need to call the FWC for a licensed alligator trapper.
  • Do you rescue injured or orphaned wildlife? We are not a rehabilitator but will pick up and deliver to one for a fee. You can also deliver it yourself also. Here is a list of rehabilitators
  • We heard on the news that you will come pick up a snake for free, is that true? Yes. As long as the snake is a non-native captive pet we will come and get it for free. We will pick up all other reptiles that are non-native captive pets as well. Please never release them into the wild.







We do not remove nuisance alligators.


feral cats

We do remove feral (stray) cats but no dogs and domesticated cats.

You need to call county animal services.


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