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The Urban areas of Tampa bay are flush with wildlife.

Peoples attics seem like a cozy nesting place. Trash cans and pet food are easy meals and swimming pools are convenient toilets and bathing spots.

As harmless as their intentions may be, some animals can be extremely destructive to your property.

The Trapper Guy will come out and use humane trapping to remove the live animal from your property. I will fix the damage caused and make preventative measures so they won't return.

With proper animal trapping we can co-exist with our wild neighbors.


* 24 hour services are for emergencies only. Live animal in a living area where safety of the occupants is in question is considered an emergency.



Trapping requires time and energy but can be very efficient. Trapping may be unsafe and expensive for the trapper. In part to address these concerns, in 1996, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, an organization made up of state and federal fish and wildlife agency professionals, began testing traps and compiling recommendations “to improve and modernize the technology of trapping through scientific research” known as Best Management Practices.As of October 2008, best management practice recommendations for trapping 10 common furbearers had been published.

Trapping is regularly used for pest control most commonly of beaver, coyote, raccoon, cougar, bobcat, Virginia opossum and fox in order to limit damage to farming, ranching, and property. Proponents claim that trapping can reduce numbers of predators in order to increase the populations of quarry species for hunting. They also claim that it can be used to control over population. Trapping is also used for research and relocation of wildlife.

Many wildlife biologists support the use of regulated trapping for sustained harvest of some species of furbearers. They claim that trapping can be an effective method of managing or studying furbearers, controlling damage caused by furbearers, and at times reducing the spread of harmful diseases. These biologists believe that regulated trapping is a safe, efficient, and practical means of capturing individual animals without impairing the survival of furbearer populations or damaging the environment. They also support regulatory and educational programs, research to evaluate trap performance and the implementation of improvements in trapping technology in order to improve animal welfare.


Tamp Bay are animal trapping.


Tampa registered and insured nuisance animal trapping expert. Let me help you with your animal problems.


Tampa animal trapping expert

Animal trapping expert

The Trapper Guy is not a pest control company. I do not use poisons or service bugs or rodents.




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