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Wildlife in Tampa Bay


There are numerous species that can be found in the backyard habitat even in fairly urban areas of Tampa Bay. Most people think that development pushes out wildlife. While that may be true for some species, for the majority of species development actually increases their population.

Raccoons, opossums, squirrels and even deer actually thrive in urban neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are a virtual oasis of food and water. While wilderness areas may see droughts or seasonal absence of certain foods our backyards have food and water year around. Unfortunately with the lack of standing dead trees, proper shelter is scarce so they use our attics and structures as nesting areas.

Some species have very specific recquirements and with the modification of our landscapes don't do as well.

The links on the right will discuss different species of fauna that can be found in our area.



Screech owl in Tampa





Backyard opossum









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