Gardening with water ponds for wildlife in Tampa Bay.


Wildlife Gardening in Tampa Bay

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Watering for wildlife


To be perfectly honest, wildlife don't need to have additonal water. Neighborhoods usually have abundant water with pools and sprinkler sytems and dripping faucets.

The addition of water to your backyard habitat is mostly for enhanced viewing of wildlife. Most mammals will be drinking at night so watering should be focused on birds.

A shallow birdbath will suffice or your water source can be as elaborate as a filtered pond with running water. Birdbaths should have their water changed regularly to avoid mosquitos. Ponds should have running water to aeriate the water and should also be out of direct sun so algae won't overtake the pond.

If you add some fish to your pond don't be suprised if some water birds or raccoons show up to feed on them. You can't selectively attract certain wildlife. In otherwords, don't buy expensive decorative fish. Buying some 'shiners' at the local baitshop will suffice.

As always place your water source away from the house and make sure you have your home and attic properly sealed so wildlife can't get in.



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