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Nest Boxes


Nesting areas are usually one of the overlooked parts of backyard habitats.

In wilderness areas dead trees or "snags" usually provide the majority of nesting areas for many species of wildlife. Urban areas are usually devoid of dead trees as people usually keep their landscapes well groomed.

In the absence of snags the next best place to nest is in your attic. Many species find no problem getting into attics through vents and soffits. So again, before starting any backyard habitat, make sure your attic is secured against entry.

Birdhouses are the most common nesting boxes used but other nesting boxes are usually overlooked. Bat boxes and larger boxes for raccoons, opossums and even squirrels will be utilized if installed correctly. Soon we will post plans for all different types of nesting boxes.



Birdhouse for backyard habitats in Pinellas




Batboxes for backyard habitat in clearwater

Nesting Boxes








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