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Invasive species


The Tampa Bay area and the rest of the state of Florida has become infested with exotic species of flora and fauna. Most of these were brought over here from other countries on purpose in the landscaping and pet industries.

Since Florida's environment is so close to the tropical or semi-tropical areas these species came from, they have flourished.

With the absence of these species natural predators these plants and animals have overtaken many of our native species and have spread unchecked.

When designing your backyard habitat you should identify all invasive plants and have them removed. NEVER release any exotic pets into the wild. Bring them back to the pet store, call the FWC or give The Trapper Guy a call to come out and pick them up for free.



Invasive exotic plants species in Tampa Bay and Florida

 Invasive plants



Invasive exotic animals in the tampa Bay area and Florida

Invasive animals








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Invasive species inTampa, St petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties.