Gardening with brushpiles for wildlife in Tampa Bay.


Wildlife Gardening in Tampa Bay

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The majority of native wildlife is shy in nature and recquire some sort of cover.

Cover can simply be plants grouped together, a brush pile or even mulch or compost. Wildlife use cover as a place to escape and hide from predators or for predators to ambush prey.

Most cover should be placed away from the house on the edges of the yard. This will keep easy access for animals to get on your roof and will keep views of your backyard habitat open from windows.

If you use a compost pile, only use yard clippings. Never use food products. This will attract more wildlife than your habitat can handle and problems will follow. This also teaches wildlife to rely on humans for food and encourage trash can raids. You may think the raccoon who eats out of the pile is cute but you probably will never notice the rats that it is attracting to your home.



Brushpile for backyard wildlife

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Composting for wildlife habitats inTampa, St petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties.